What's on this week


9:45 10:15 am    
        Explorers Bible class
ages 5-9, 10-13

10:00 am
        Prayer meeting

10:30 am
Morning Service

4:30 pm
        at Sonning Common
        Free Chruch Hall


7:45 – 9:00 pm
Bible study & prayer
- in a local home

Alternate Thursdays

2:00 – 3:00 pm
        Ladies bible study
in a local home


8:00 – 9:00 am
        Prayer Meeting
        - in a local home

5:45 – 7:00 pm
        2nd Saturday each month


Morning worship at 10:30am

What can you typically expect when you come to our morning worship?    

A warm welcome, an informal atmosphere, a congregation that includes young children, and an attitude of reverence because we gather in the presence of God.

We will sing songs of praise as we seek to please God and encourage one another, songs that reflect our historic faith and express our contemporary praise.

There will be a time of prayer, often lead by more than one person, in which we express our worship in praise, our repentance in confession, and our dependence on God with requests.

Someone will speak to the young children, and we will sing a song that they can understand.

We will read a passage from a clear and accurate translation of the Bible, on which the sermon will be based.

The sermons normally work systematically through a book of the Bible. Each sermon attempts faithfully to present the teaching of the Bible passage in a way that is intended to be clear, practical, and relevant.

The children will receive a worksheet to help them concentrate on the sermon, and everyone has a sermon outline to help them follow the thread. During the sermon some children remain in the service, and other pre-school children go out to be taught from the Bible. There is a private area for nursing mothers, to which we relay the service.

While we want to let you know what to expect so that there are no unpleasant surprises, we also hope that you will receive more than you expect!

Evening worship at 6:00pm

Evening worship follows a similar pattern to the morning, but without the special provision for children. There is nevertheless a creche area to which the sermon is relayed and which parents are welcome to use.

Lord's Supper

We meet around the Lord’s Table on the first Sunday of the month, in the afternoon, in a member’s home.  

We believe that this is a symbolic meal for people who are trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation. It is primarily an expression of fellowship with the Lord and between baptized members of this church. Nevertheless, visiting believers who take communion in their own church are most welcome to join with us. As a courtesy, we request that visitors speak either to Bruce Jenkins or Joe King if they intend to participate in this memorial meal. Children are encouraged to be present so that they can observe what we do, and learn of its significance.  

We have a fellowship tea afterwards, as a further expression of our oneness in Christ.